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Sat, Mar. 11th, 2006, 02:46 pm

Title: But Power Cuts Don’t Happen In Atlantis!
Author: flickerswitch
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (McShep)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: These blokes are not my property, but that closet most certainly is ;o)
Feedback: Spice of life baby…
Summary: When the power starts fluctuating in Atlantis and the city goes on precautionary alert, collecting a fresh box of Band-Aids is nowhere near as simple as it seems…
Comments: Written for mettanna.

“This isn’t supposed to happen is it?”


A dramatic sigh floated through the darkness. McKay could just picture Sheppard rolling his eyes.

“I mean, this is Atlantis! HOW much power can it take to power one light and one door?”

“Evidently more than the city can spare right now,” McKay snapped. “Like I said, we should just radio for help, we could be out in five minutes flat.”

There was a shuffling sound and McKay knew that his counterpart was getting into his upright ‘I have a reason and the authority to enforce it’ position.

“Rodney, there is no way I’m going to admit over the radio for everyone to hear that you and me have been in a darkened cupboard together for the last twenty minutes. Twenty minutes ago, yes, I might have but not now.”

“Why not now?” McKay was amused; it was usually him playing the awkward part.

“Because, well just because. Besides, the power’ll probably come back on any minute, we just have to sit tight. If we’re needed, they’ll radio for us.”

McKay smirked, enjoying himself immensely, “And then,” he mused, “you’ll have to admit that we’ve been in this cupboard together, for however long it is that has passed before we’re missed or needed, and not wanted rescuing.”


“Yes John?”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”


“How can you possibly be enjoying this?”

McKay grinned, “Because you can’t shoot me in the dark?”

Sheppard groaned, “No but I could shoot myself!”

McKay’s voice adopted a tone of false pleasantness, “Well, I had no idea you enjoyed my company that much, I’m really touched.”

Silence fell in the cupboard after McKay’s remark and Sheppard grinned to himself and wondered how long it would be before McKay gave in and broke the silence again. He started counting.





The silence was getting tense, Sheppard could just visualise the set expression on the scientists face as he concentrated on not talking.






Was McKay going for a new record? Sheppard couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this quiet…



Sheppard casually extended his left leg hard in McKay’s direction.

There was a squawk from the other side of the tiny storage cupboard, “Would you mind watching what you do with your oversize FEET?! I bruise easily!”

Sheppard congratulated himself on his victory. “Oh I’m sorry Rodney,” he adopted the same false pleasant tone that the scientist had, “my leg spasmed.”

“Your leg SPASMED?”

“What? I got cramp!”

McKay pouted, “Give me the radio, I’m calling Elizabeth for help right now!”

“No you’re not,” Sheppard persisted calmly, shutting his eyes and letting his head fall back against a medical crate.


“Because it looks bad enough already, especially when you consider what I’m leaning my head against…”

There was a pause.

“What are you leaning your head against?”

McKay peered into the darkness and succeeded in seeing absolutely nothing. He also heard absolutely nothing, as no reply was forthcoming from the USAF Major on the opposite side of the tiny closet.

“John? What are you leaning against?”

“Well,” started Sheppard tentatively, “you know that stuff they put on defibrillators before they use ‘em on ya…?”

“You mean to tell me that for the last half an hour we’ve been stuck in a tiny medical supply closet without telling anyone where we are, no light on and enough lubrication to get a nuclear warhead down the barrel of a P.90?! Oh my god my reputation is RUINED!”

“Rodney, have you any IDEA how gay you sounded just then? Besides,” he added for good measure, “you don’t have a reputation, everyone thinks you’re gay anyway. It’s my ass I’m worried about.”

“Everyone thinks I’m gay?” McKay was stunned, “Why? HOW? And what’s your ASS got to do with anything???”

“Well, it’s been stuck here for the last half an hour with you and a create full of, well, defibrillator gel!”

McKay gaped, opening and shutting his mouth several times before closing it altogether.

A low hum filled the closet and the light flickered back on, illuminating a madly grinning Major and a glowering scientist. The door slid open soundlessly. The pair blinked for a moment, allowing their eyes to stop stinging at the sudden brightness and then, simultaneously, scrambled for the door.

As he shot out of the closet Sheppard turned to face the offending medical cupboard, unconsciously pointing his gun at it.

“Next time Carson wants more Band-Aids I suggest we send Ford,” McKay commented dryly, also eying the cupboard with some suspicion.

Sheppard lowered his gun, “Agreed. Come on, let’s get back and explain where we’ve been.”

“Checking out the other side of the city?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

As the pair turned and started walking back towards the main area of the city another thought crossed McKay’s mind.


Sheppard didn’t look at him.


“Do you really think I’m gay?”

The door to the next corridor slid open and Sheppard gestured for McKay to go through first.

As he did so McKay felt a hand patting his ass and jumped; he swung round and found himself looking at a huge grin.

“Of course not,” Sheppard smirked, “You don’t have enough patience with closets.”