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Sat, Mar. 11th, 2006, 02:07 pm

Title: Last Wish
Author: flickerswitch
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/Keras
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These blokes are not my property, nor is the plot of the episode it’s based on and I think I’ve incorporated some of the dialogue from the episode but the story between Shep and Keras is mine.
Feedback: Yes please :-D
Summary: Did anybody else notice all that simmering sexual tension between Keras and Shep? And, come to think of it, did anyone notice that there was a really big plot gap right between McKay leaving for Atlantis and McKay coming back…?
Comments: Big spoilers for Childhood’s End (106). Oh, and beware the man porn :p Beta, make yourself known and recieve the public thanks and gratitude that you so richly deserve!

They’d finally found a nice, green, pleasant planet. No wraith, no pollution; just blue skies, birds singing and the sound of children’s laughter. Oh yeah, and the kids kept committing suicide when they hit twenty-five. Sheppard gave the ground a peevish kick as he walked; in his mind this just wasn’t fair.

“One more day, that’s all I need, I’ll have a much clearer picture then,” he implored, mentally willing McKay to come back with something useful.

“Clearer picture of what?” Keras chirped beside him, almost running to keep up.

He slowed his pace, “Long story; stick around and I’ll tell ya.” It was a half-hearted attempt, Sheppard didn’t think he stood much chance of convincing Keras not to go through with the ceremony without hard scientific proof and hey, that just wasn’t his area.

“I’ll be honest with you Sheppard,” the major thought he caught a wistfulness about the smile tugging at the corners of the native’s mouth, “There’s nothing I’d like more than to spend more time talking with you, but it’s not possible.”

Watching Keras turn his back start to walk away pissed Sheppard off more than McKay on a bad day, which surprised him. He figured he should be used to feeling helpless by now but at the same time knew that it would never be a feeling that sat comfortably with him.

“What if you’re wrong?” he barked, “What if a day doesn’t matter? What if a year doesn’t matter?” Dammit, why wouldn’t he just understand?

Keras’ expression had hardened by the time he turned around, patience waning. “What if it does? I’d never rest peacefully knowing that I was the reason the wraith returned to this planet.”

“You can live a full life!” he pushed, pleading as much as his pride would let him. He liked this kid; he was a good man, a good man that did not need to die needlessly.

“You’re a warrior among your people,” there was a steely confidence in Keras’ voice as he advanced, “One who is trained to defend and protect them.”

Sheppard didn’t like where this was going, “I guess you can say that,” he agreed reluctantly.

“Would you not willingly give your life if it were necessary?” Keras had a point that he was building up to, Sheppard could tell by the tone of his voice. He really didn’t like where this was going.

“It’d have to be really necessary,” he conceded.

“How is a sacrifice so different?” And Keras scores one for the home team! His opponent, Major Sheppard of the Atlantis Away Team, is out of the game!

He shook his head in disbelief; “So this is just gonna go on forever?”

Keras nodded sadly, “As long as the wraith don’t return. Yes.” Turning his back again he started to walk away from the major for the second time in as many minutes. And then, for the second time in as many minutes, he turned back. “Would you stand witness?”

Sheppard’s eyebrows shot into his fringe, he hadn’t seen that one coming. “Me?” he clarified. The very last thing he wanted to do was be some sort of official at the public self-execution of the guy that he’d spent the best part of an hour trying to talk out of it. “Oh, what do I have to do?” he asked dubiously when Keras nodded.

“Just be there as I prepare. We gather our strength from those close to us, for the sacrifice to come.” He motioned for Sheppard to walk with him, “Before the ritual I had intended to visit a place I know of that has always given me great peace of mind and calmed my thoughts in the past, would you accompany me?”

Well, McKay wouldn’t be back for another few hours anyway… Sheppard hit the talk button on his radio, “Ford? Teyla? I’m leaving the village with Keras for a little while, stay sharp.”

He waited a moment before his radio chirruped in reply:

“Gotcha Sir.”

“Very well Major.”

Sheppard turned his attention back to Keras and motioned for him to lead the way, “So, where are we going?”


“I have lived in this village all my life and this has always been my favourite place,” the two stood at the edge of the pond and skimmed stones across its surface. Sheppard wouldn’t have pegged Keras for a stone skimmer but he was surprisingly good at it. He’d seemed to come to life with a kind of youthful energy as soon as they’d left the boundaries of the settlement. “The water is always warm,” he smiled and expertly flicked another stone out across the surface.

Sheppard looked longingly at the water, green flecks reflecting off the surface where the light shone through the tree canopy above; it certainly looked inviting.

“Would you mind if I swam?” A tentative question, Keras was still playing host.

“Hey, go right ahead, this is your last day on earth right?” Sheppard looked from Keras to the water and back to Keras.

“Would you like to join me?”

He was tempted, sorely tempted. It had been so long since he’d last swum and he had always loved water. “Nah, I really shouldn’t, being on a mission and all…”

“Are you sure? Just ten minutes?” A spark of mischief danced behind Keras’ eyes, Sheppard could suddenly still see the child in there; he looked just like a naughty kid playing hooky.

“Just ten minutes?” Well, it was the guys last day on the mortal coil, who was Sheppard to deny him?

Keras had already shucked off all his clothes and waded out into the pond before Sheppard had even struggled out of his vest and boots. He stuck a toe in the water and quickly stripped off the rest off his clothes, the water was warm!

The pond turned out to be only chest deep but the bottom was sandy so it was clear and it looked clean. Keras pointed to the far side of the pool, “The water flows in and out over there,” he explained, “so the water stays fresh.” He bobbed down slightly in the water and Sheppard figured he must have taken his feet off the bottom, “I usually bathe alone. It does not bother you?” he motioned vaguely in Sheppard’s direction but the major got what he was getting at.

“I’m from the military; my planet’s protective forces,” he explained when Keras wrinkled his forehead in confusion, “and they train you not to care out of practicality.” He grinned cheekily and bent his knees to submerge his shoulders, “Besides, you haven’t got anything I’ve not seen before.”

Keras blushed, “Are you married?” he asked.

“Me? God no,” Sheppard laughed and straightened up, not wanting to get his hair wet, “Haven’t found anyone who can put up with me yet. I assume you are though?”

Keras shook his head, “No.”

Sheppard’s face creased into a frown, “I thought you had kids?”

Keras ducked his head beneath the surface briefly, wetting his hair and smoothing it back before answering, “The mothers of our children are selected for us, to keep the blood as pure as possible. She lives in a different village.”

Sheppard nodded, made sense in a weird sort of way.

Keras swam over, “I have yet to meet someone with whom I wished to share my heart though. I have never even been kissed by someone I truly desired.” He laughed to himself softly, “I was always confident that that would happen before my time came.” He looked up from under wet eyelashes and Sheppard became suddenly aware of the way he was being looked at. Looked over.

“There’s an answer to that you know,” he said warily, “don’t go through with the ceremony. Give yourself some time to get there.”

A hand caught his under the water and he started but the hand didn’t let go. “Please, feel free to say no but there is something I would like you to do for me, a last wish. I know I shouldn’t ask,” Keras blushed again and stared at the bottom of the pond but still he didn’t let go. “Would you kiss me?”

“Well ah, that’s not ah-” Sheppard stopped talking as Keras sidled up to him.

“I admire you Major Sheppard, you have a way with people. You’re the leader I wish I could have been; your team would follow you anywhere. They never doubt you.”

“You can be that. You are that,” Sheppard protested, risking a glance down, “In fact, I think the village still needs you, you honestly want to just leave them to it?” Oh god, he was hard. He gulped, glued to the spot; he wanted to move but then again, he didn’t.

“I’m not you,” Keras had been pushing his face slowly closer to Sheppard’s all the time he had been talking and now he closed the distance, brushing his lips across the major’s and breathing on the moistened skin.

And then the lips were back and Sheppard was allowing his own lips to part when Keras’ tongue pushed against them. Keras moved closer to him, winding his arms around the Major’s neck and Sheppard felt the other man’s erection press against his hip and then brush over his own, equally hard, cock. John felt a shudder of want rush through him at the fleeting contact.

“Touch me,” Keras pleaded into his mouth before breaking away and resting their foreheads together, “Please, just once.”

It was a simple decision to make, plucking one more kiss, rougher this time, Sheppard grabbed Keras’ hips and turned him, winding one arm over his chest. His other hand strayed down between the other man’s legs to wrap around his silky hardness and take gentle, almost lazy tugs, teasing the slit with the pad of his thumb.

Sheppard’s mouth found the skin of the younger man’s throat at about the same time his left fingers found a nipple and rubbed a hard circle. Keras squirmed back into his arms, letting his head fall onto the major’s shoulder and shuddering out a loud exhalation.

“Hey,” Sheppard’s free hand left Keras’ chest and travelled up to cup his chin, “relax will ya?”

“Let me- ah…” Keras wriggled away and turned to face him, pushing his hips back towards Sheppard’s waiting hand.

Sheppard let his eyes drift closed for a second when he felt the welcome pressure of fingers curling around his own need. As he opened his eyes Keras was right there again, greedily devouring his mouth, all manners forgotten, and this time Sheppard was fully onboard, forcing his tongue into the other man’s mouth and fighting for the upper hand.

Losing himself to the mutual rhythm they had both settled into John felt the first initial waves of tingling pleasure lap through his belly and legs and feet, and automatically increased his speed, joining in when he heard Keras moan in pleasure.

Keras came first, locking their lips together and crying into his mouth, his whole body tense and shaking and Sheppard followed him quickly, finding Keras’ hand with his own and keeping it moving until he felt his own blissful hot rushes of building orgasm getting almost too intense to bare and then stars exploded across his vision as he bucked and jerked his way through his own almost dizzying climax.

Sheppard let Keras lean on him, his own legs feeling distinctly jellyish and rubbed his palms across their bodies, letting the water clean them off. Eyes half lidded he nuzzled Keras face until he found the soft cushy flesh of Keras bottom and lip and sucked it into his mouth. “Come on,” he murmured, breaking the kiss and slipping an arm around his slender waist, “Let’s get you back on dry land before you start to turn into a giant prune.”

Keras paused, still post coitally dozy, “A prune?”

Sheppard shook his head, laughing, “Never mind, all you need to know is that you’ll look like one if you stay in the tub too long.”

They lay together on the bank for another five minutes, not touching each other but just looking, letting the sun dry their skin. Sheppard was just starting to lose the battle to keep his eyes open when Keras asked another question. “How old are you Sheppard?”

Oh come on, after what we just did in the pool you may as well “Call me John,” he suggested. “And I’m thirty-seven,” he turned his head to look at the man beside him. “You know I only found my calling this year and I’m already thirty-seven; don’t you want to live to find your calling?”

Keras turned away, “Don’t you think I might have already found it?”

John considered this for all of two, maybe three seconds. “No.”

Keras was silent a moment, “We should get back,” he stated finally, “the purification ceremony will begin soon.”


The jumper hummed slightly as John mentally brought the heaters online before turning back to the situation in hand. Keras still had those ridiculous silver marks on his face and without thinking he pulled his sleeve up over his hand and started to rub them off. A hand caught his wrist.

“Oh hey Keras, how ya feeling?” he smiled, secretly relieved to see the other man just open his eyes. He picked up the arrow that they had removed from his chest and waved it, “Thought you might like to keep it as a souvenir?”

“Is that a tradition on your world?” Keras queried, coughing and then taking the arrow with his free hand, the other still firmly clamped to the major’s wrist.

Sheppard bobbed his head, “More of a cliché really. Listen, thank you.” He grinned, “It’s not every day someone takes an arrow for you.”

“Consider it my thanks to you,” Keras’ hand moved to John’s and squeezed, “for granting me my last wish.”