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Sat, Mar. 11th, 2006, 01:24 pm

Title: Sometimes I wake up grumpy, other times I just let him sleep…
Author: flickerswitch
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (McShep)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These blokes are not my property, the story is.
Feedback: Always appreciated and welcomed and followed by lots of leaping around yelling “IgotfeedbackYAY!”
Summary: Does just what it says on the tin.
Comments: Rated for suggestion and the use of a naughty word. No spoilers but you’re gonna miss a reference if you’ve not seen Poisoning The Well (107). I’m afraid I can’t remember who beta’d this one if indeed I had it beta’d but thank you anyway, and if you let me know I’ll stick your credit in ;o)

As he started to awake he automatically turned over, his fingers ghosting out across the covers and searching for the warm body on the other side of the bed.

“Hey,” he murmured, shifting up and draping his arm over Rodney’s shoulders, “where’d ya go? You’re usually right in my lap when I wake up.”

“What? You missed me?”

John smiled; Rodney didn’t deal well with mornings.

“Of course I did,” John nuzzled his nose up behind Rodney’s ear and kissed the back of the lobe, playfully sucking it between his lips and giving it a gentle tug.

“Do you mind?” Rodney grumped irritably, “There are still twenty minutes before I have to think about getting up and it’s kinda hard to take advantage of those twenty minutes while you are plastered all over my back and biting my ear.”

“Aww, I know you’re not a morning person but you’re not normally this cranky…” John adjusted himself so that he could get both hands onto Rodney’s shoulders. “Why don’t you relax and I’ll show you how to take advantage of twenty minutes properly.” He smirked and pushed his fingertips into the muscle on his bed partner’s shoulders, rubbing and working them in small circles.

Rodney’s eyelids fluttered down and he let out a small sigh, inching backwards into the massage.

“Ah, so you wanna play now huh?” John grinned, leaning forward and pressing a kiss onto Rodney’s jawbone.

“Well I’m obviously not gonna get much sleep now am I…” murmured Rodney, arching his back as John’s thumbs found his shoulder blades and dug up underneath them. He pushed himself back into John’s arms, effectively ending his partner’s attempts at a backrub.

“See now,” John paused to briefly lick his thumb, “this is where you should be when I wake up Rodney; I want you to study this position, memorise it and apply it in future.” He lowered his voice to a low growl, “I can make that an order if you need me to.”

“Are you pulling rank on me Major?” Rodney quipped with mock indignation, making to wriggle out of John’s grasp.

John tightened his grip and hooked one leg over Rodney’s, stopping him from moving too far. “Damn right I am.” He stroked his thumb down over Rodney’s jawbone, tracked it down his neck, dipped into the hollow at the base of his throat and dragged it down his chest.

A shiver ran down Rodney’s body, following John’s touch and he snuggled onto John’s lap.

John’s hand skimmed over Rodney’s belly and circled round over his hip. “You still want to sleep?”

“Well,” Rodney bobbed his head from side to side as if he were seriously weighing up the question, “I dunno; see, it depends really.”

“On?” John let his fingers creep over Rodney’s hipbone and flutter across the skin just below his navel.

“On what you’re gonna do to me if I stay awake,” Rodney grinned, wide awake and fully alert, all thoughts of sleep as far away from his mind as they could possibly get.

“Well I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do…” John unwrapped himself and stretched out on his back, working out the kinks down his neck and spine before rolling out of bed and wandering over towards the bathroom, stark naked. “I’m gonna go brush my teeth.”

Rodney heaved himself up onto his elbow and called after him peevishly, “Hey!”

John’s voice floated out of the bathroom, “Just hold that thought, stay in that mental place, keep focused…” The sound of running water drowned out any more words that he might have had for Rodney.

“Cheap tease,” Rodney huffed and slumped back onto the pillows, pulling the covers up over his head.

The sound of running water ceased and a minute later Rodney felt a weight dip the bottom of the bed and something crawl up and lie on top of him. The covers over his head were pulled back.

“Rodney, tonight I am gonna fuck you into this mattress so thoroughly that if you’re not in my lap when I wake up tomorrow morning then I’m feeding you to Steve.”

Rodney blinked. “I love you too John.”

“Good.” John smiled and caught Rodney’s mouth under his, smoothly pushing his tongue between the scientist’s lips and teeth and dragging it across the roof of his mouth. He broke off the kiss and pulled back suddenly, a serious expression crossing his face.


Rodney was a little startled at the sudden sobriety, “Yes?”

“You love me right?”


“Would you do something for me?”

“Well considering what you promised to do to me later, name it.”

John’s face broke into a cheeky grin, “Go brush your teeth.”