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Sexy Colonel Switch

Switch's Slash Archive
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After years of reading slash, drooling over slash and writing slash i have finally decided to archive my slash!

In this community you will find slash of all sorts, of many pairings and you will also find computer art: manipulations, icons, desktops etc. There will also be occasional recs of my own to websites, fics and writers but mostly, you are gonna find hot, steamy, slashy, and sometimes even romantic guy on guy action! Come on!

I ask that if you wish to use any of my desktops or icons or rec my fic then just leave a comment and let me know. Plus, credit is always polite and appriciated.

You can find my everyday journal under the name of flickerswitch, and please feel free to pop down for a chat or boing me on MSN :o)

Enjoy the Archive, you can find a complete index of all fic in the memories!